What Do You Need To Get Started?

Only a PC, Laptop, Cell Phone or Tablet with a stable internet connection and the following three software installed:

(1.) Skype (2.) TeamViewer (3.) Facebook (along with Messenger)

Even a compatible Cell phone with these software installed would be fine. These software can be downloaded free of charge from the "Downloads" section above, by simply clicking the respective icons. Now click the "REGISTER" tab, fill out the form and submit it. If you have any questions or problems click "CONTACT US" and leave a message on and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Once you have submitted the form, the tutor will give you a meeting ID and inform you of any other details which you may require. With the help of above mentioned software installed, you can see the lesson on your screen during the class and the tutor can teach you very easily.

Important Note:

Please direct all your queries concerning computer handling and online learning of Qur’an at our Skype I.D noorquran 313 or E-mail Address: so that you are fully familiar with its operation and no time is wasted in the process. Any technical problem/defect in the system may also kindly be brought to our notice for immediate rectification. Thanks